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Conducting Reference checks

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Conducting Reference checks


I am looking for some help as to where to look to find a 'script' in relation to conducting reference checks.

Is there a specific checklist of statements/questions that must be asked prior to conducting a reference check with a referee in relation to whether or not they agree to they responses being provided to the candidate?

Any help is appreciate.

Its nothing fantastic, but essentially what I state/do during a


Its nothing fantastic, but essentially what I state/do during a reference.

1. Check with candidate that they are happy for you to make contact with their referees.
2. Plan your call in advance, but be flexible. The conversation may not proceed exactly as
planned. As with interviewing, reference checking gets easier with practice.
3. Introduce yourself immediately, stating your position, the organisation and explain the
purpose of your call.
4. Ask if the referee is available for discussion, and if not, arrange a time to call later.
5. Mention that the candidate is one of several being considered for a position in your
organisation and confirm the accuracy of the employment information provided by the
candidate (e.g. dates of employment, job duties).
6. Confirm that the referee is comfortable that the information disclosed is covered by the
Federal Privacy Legislation.
7. Follow the questions in the Reference Checking Template. Take notes as the referee speaks.
8. As with interviewing, be ready to probe for further information.
9. Don’t end the conversation until you have sufficient information. Use summary statements to
clarify ambiguous answers.
10. Thank the referee for their time and help.

Privacy Act Compliance:

We appreciate your assistance with information of this candidate who has given permission to validate their work history with you as a referee. The information provided will be subject to the provisions of the Privacy Act.

1. Do you consent to this information being made available to the client?
2. Do you consent for your identity as the referee to be disclosed to the client?
3. Do you consent to having this information being made available to the candidate?

Adding to wmacfoy's points,

Adding to wmacfoy's points, it is always a good idea to describe your job to the referee and ask him/her if, in their opinion, the candidate will be able to handle the job. You are talking to someone who has worked with the candidate so should know their weaknesses. I have found this can elicit some interesting feedback you may not have got otherwise.
The key to reference checking is listening, in particular listening to what the referee may NOT be saying. As being too negative or too positive can get a referee into strife, listening and reading between the lines can often make or break the check.
Finally, a good rule of thumb is, during the interview with the candidate, ask them if it is OK to speak to their nominated referees but also check the referee information provided is up to date - onus should be on the candidate to find for you the latest telephone number for a referee. Candidates may not want their current employer called (in case they don't get the job), but if there are no other suitable referees to call, this can be a problem - one company I was with a while ago, on one occasion insisted on calling the current employer anyhow - fortunately the guy got the job!

Take 2 minutes to do a google

Take 2 minutes to do a google search on the referees as well, facebook profiles and the like are plentiful these days and it doesn't hurt to check they are who the candidate says they were.

One of the worse dismissals I had to go through turned out to have the employee's sister (who was married with a different surname) and another relative as the referees. Took me 2 minutes online to discover this connection and to see the referees had never worked with the employee, or had held any of the positions they were purported to. Unfortunately this 2 minutes was spent 5 months after they had been employed.

It won't happen often, but if you have the time it can save you weeks of hassle.

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Bamboo Flooring Problems

There are some problems with bamboo flooring than you expect and these problems come out in several points, including manufacturing, moisture, finishing etc. As a consumer, it is better to know them before buying and installation. Prevention is better than cure after all so before bamboo flooring problems could occur, be ready for it, or prevent it as best you can.

High Expectations

Consumers are guided to expect so much from the material by overselling salespeople. Bamboo flooring is durable and beautiful, and you can rely on its toughness. However, I advice you not to believe everything commercials say because if you would expect too much, you might not be able to properly take care of your bamboo flooring.

Manufacturing Problems

Other bamboo floor problems stem from low quality manufacturers. They use inferior materials or the way they do things are plain sloppy. I know earning profits is good but please, quality product should be the top of the matter. With low quality materials or sloppy manufacturing work, bamboo flooring problems like contractions, expansions, imperfections visually, and inconsistencies are sure to occur. A bamboo floor should be engineered properly or it would be no bamboo floor at all. Also, be aware that some manufacturers out there do not have a proper quality control system.

Maintenance Problems

A bamboo floor can produce problems for you later on if you do not maintain it properly. As I said, if you were oversold with the product, you would tend to be negligent about it. There are a lot of maintenance guides out there. I strongly recommend that you be aware of these. Also, over maintenance can also become a problem. If you are being paranoid about it and keep cleaning your bamboo floor, then the harmful chemicals from the cleaning agent you are using will cause damages. So just be careful always.

Moisture and Finishing

Bamboo is usually found in areas that have a tropical climate. Because of this, bamboo has built in resistance to water. Still, do not be overconfident about this. You should keep track of the moisture level in the room where your bamboo flooring is. I do not mean for you to buy gadgets to measure room temperature and moisture content, nothing overly dramatic really. Just be mindful about it. Also, stains are common bamboo floor problems. Too much moisture can make bamboo expand or contract. I advise you to coat your bamboo flooring with extra polyurethane or probably wax. This will prevent stains and keep the bamboo flooring shiny.

DIY and Installation

Perhaps you plan to install the floor yourself as a DIY or home project? There are several methods of fitting floors so if you are keen on DIY, the option of installing the bamboo floor yourself is possible. See How to Install Bamboo Flooring section for tips. Get as much information as possible prior to laying the floor and you can avoid future problems.

Knowing the potential problems, it will help you analyze what real bamboo flooring is, what kind of quality bamboo flooring should be. In Bothbest, we only manufacture top and consistent quality bamboo flooring for our customers, we use computerized machines and eco-friendly glue and coating.

Three important tips to extend the life of your bamboo flooring

Keep room dry: Bamboo flooring is being dried in production to reduce the shrink and swell of size, but bamboo is a real natural material. Bamboo flooring can swell or shrink in wet or dry room. Open the window to make the room air exchanging with outside, this is best way to control the room moisture.

Do not damage the surface of bamboo: Bamboo flooring has finishing on surface and the finishing is anti-scratch. It can protect bamboo out of small damage, but not big damage, like deep scratching, high heel shoes or movement of furniture without any protection at the feet.

Clean bamboo correctly: You can vacuum the dirt on bamboo and clean bamboo with a mop, also wax bamboo every 2-3 months.

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