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CSO Coordinator

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The Anti-Corruption Support to Sierra Leone programme aims to tackle both the petty corruption that citizens encounter on a daily basis and the grand corruption, which affects Sierra Leone’s progress out of poverty and the destruction caused by the civil war and Ebola. The programme is supported by DFID through Coffey International’s (Coffey) London office. One of the key components of this programme is the development of the Pay No Bribe (PNB) website and mobile application with the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) of Sierra Leone.

The PNB Campaign is a Government of Sierra Leone (GoSL) initiative, led by the Office of the Chief of Staff and the ACC, in coordination with relevant Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs).

The PNB platform is an innovative reporting mechanism for citizens to anonymously report incidents of petty corruption and bribery. PNB is designed to collect real time evidence on bribery and corruption in five key service sectors: Education, Electricity, Health, Police and Water, and to provide a useful database on petty corruption and bribery trends to support the work of the ACC and feed into evidence based policy decision making.

Position title and reporting lines


CSO Coordinator


Reporting to: Team Leader

Direct Reports: N/A


  • 37.5 hour week. 9.00 AM to 17:30 PM.
  • Full-time.
  • 1 hour lunch break.

Purpose of the position

The CSO Coordinator will oversee and support outreach work conducted by Civil Society Organizations (CSO) and the ACC Public Education Team. This will include overseeing and coordinating outreach activities in the PNB pilot districts, assisting the M&E Expert in monitoring and evaluation and ensuring CSO deliver against work plans on time and in budget. As the programme moves into

implementation, this role will also be responsible for advising the Management Team on the sequence for engaging in Kono as a new district, ensuring that the selected CSO is effective in conducting outreach in these areas, and ensuring CSOs in all districts deliver against work plans on time and on budget in an effective and political sensitive fashion.

  • Key responsibilities/accountabilities
  • Ensure CSOs contracted by Coffey deliver on time and to budget, meeting key deliverables as outlined in their individual work plans.
  • Ensure that all CSOs are collecting associated means of verification from outreach and training events.
  • Ensure that all CSOs monitor and collect means of verification from radio and other media events
  • Ensure that CSOs have the correct resources (including skills and capacities) to deliver against their work plan.
  • Ensure that CSOs are actively disseminating MDA responses to reports made in the districts.
  • Ensure coordination and collaboration between CSOs and the ACC Public Education Team, seeking and utilising key opportunities to combine efforts and integrate lessons-learned.
  • Conduct verification visits when required, including checking of data and visits to randomly selected communities
  • Carry out accurate and timely review of weekly reports from CSOs, provide comments and disseminate to M&E expert and TL.
  • Produce a monthly overview report on numbers reached, outreach sessions and trainings held across the districts and share with the Programme Management Team and programme partners.
  • Act as the programme focal point for all CSOs and the ACC Public Education Team, working to resolve any contractual complaints or issues with the Deputy Team Leader and Programme Manager.
  • Support and advise the M&E Expert on outreach monitoring and evaluation, including working with her to coordinate, plan and maximize her in-country inputs.
  • Support the scale-up and further expansion of PNB Outreach post-implementation from April 2017.This may include, but is not limited to, work plan design, target setting, training of CSO staff and expansion analysis as well as the overall coordination.
  • Support any ad-hoc programme events or training on PNB or wider programme work.
  • Keep CSO equipment updated with the latest relevant apps and settings as well as conduct refresher trainings with CSO’s on using the platform on tablets and smart phones and any changes to M&E.
  • Monitor CSO reports received via the PNB App; Identify and report any anomalies in the CSO reporting system.
  • Work with management to resolve issues arising from CSO animators in the field.
  • Contribute to ACC capacity building activities for public outreach for the PNB.
  • Organize monthly CSO progress meetings with Coffey.
  • Adhere to any ad-hoc requests by the Programme Management Team.

General requirements

  • Adhere to all security advice from Coffey’s Risk Management Team.
  • Adhere to Coffey International Policies and Procedures as outlined in the Operations Manual.
  • Adhere to Coffey International Development’s behaviours: Ingenuity, Collaboration, Respect, Intelligent Risk, Integrity and Delivery.
  • Submit all technical outputs for peer review prior to client submission in accordance with Coffey International‘s quality assurance procedures.
  • Report in advance possible resourcing decisions and/or any procurement to the Programme

Manager to ensure all programme costs are properly supported within the budget.

  • Engage in the activities of the Programme Management Team and contribute to the progression of the programme to ensure delivery of project outputs and outcomes in line with the log-frame. This will involve routine weekly meetings to undertake detailed reviews of progress against the log-frame, adjusting work plans, and resourcing on an on-going basis to remain on track.
  • Undertake other activities reasonably requested by the Programme Manager, Programme
  • Management Team, or by the client (DFID) for the successful accomplishment of the programme’s immediate objectives.

Special requirements

Some travel and out of hours work may be required.

Any other duties as may be required for the exigency of the programme.

Skills and Experience

  • Have a strong understanding of the political economy of Sierra Leone University degree is preferred, but not essential At least 2 years’ experience working with CSOs
  • A mature and confident individual with good interpersonal skills.
  • Communication skills –must be able to communicate effectively, articulate their view (verbally and in writing) and actively listen to other points of view
  • Good organizational skills with a proven ability to supervise teams and to multi-task whilst prioritizing own work, with minimum supervision.
  • IT literacy – must be proficient in MS Office (Excel, Word and Access); familiarity with modern records management software applications is an added advantage.

Reporting requirements

  • Any reasonable reporting tasks as may be required by the Client and the Coffey Programme
  • Management Team. This includes ensuring that relevant operational and financial information are included in quarterly and annual reports, amongst other deliverables.

Duration and phasing

April 2017 – December 2018.

Key Relationships

Team Leader, M&E Technical Expert.

Quality Management

The Quality Management Framework aligns individual TORs and behaviours to the aims and objectives of the Programme. An annual and bi-annual performance appraisal will be conducted by Coffey on the performance of the specific deliverables listed above.

Annual Remuneration

Up to $34,747 per annum


To apply, please email CV and Cover letter to Place “CSO” in Subject Line.

Deadline for Applications: 23rd April 2017.


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