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District Support Officers

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Fri, 28/04/2017 - 12:00

Building on the work of the Presidential Recovery Priorities to support and strengthen district-level activity, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST) is introducing the new role of District Support Officers, to support District Education Offices (DEOs) across the country. Women are particularly encouraged to apply.


The DEO plays an important role in improving education quality and the learning outcomes of our country’s students. The DEO links the Ministry to schools: as it is the arm of MEST closest to schools, it is responsible for driving implementation of national programmes and initiatives, ensuring quality, and holding schools to account. 


As MEST creates and refines new tools and routines to help DEOs, District Support Officers (DSOs) will introduce these to district education officers (Deputy Directors of Education, Inspectors, and Supervisors), support their adoption with training, and line manage up to 20 School Support Officers (SSOs). 


Ideal candidates will have the:

1) Attitude and enthusiasm to bring about positive change 

2) Independence, proactiveness, and ownership mindset to lead the programme in a District - and the experience of working independently with minimal supervision

3) Skills to use new tools and routines effectively, and provide training to others to do the same

4) Ability to use core computer skills, including Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), email, Dropbox, Whatsapp, and rapid typing (ideally touch type), to create synthesised reports and communicate effectively with the team

5) Credibility to establish a mutually respectful relationship with district education officers (Deputy Directors of Education, Inspectors, and Supervisors)

6) Commitment to overall goal of improving student learning outcomes


This role is funded by and contracted through the United Kingdom's Department for International Development's (DFID's) Sierra Leone Leh Wi Learn Programme. Mott MacDonald has been appointed by DFID to deliver the Leh Wi Learn programme.


Job title

District Support Officers

Salary range

Negotiable, contract position

Time commitment

Full time, contract position


Based in District Education Office (District to be decided)


Based in District Education Office, but with travel to schools around the district with Supervisors and School Support Officers as required; and regular travel to Freetown (e.g. once every 1-2 months) for central meetings and training

Start date

June/July 2017

Recognising notice period for any current employment

Report to

District Support Coordinator

Duties and responsibilities

Support overall Leh Wi Learn programme

  • Act as the programme’s boots on the ground in each district
  • Promote healthy work ethics, good governance and anti-corruption behaviour
  • Contribute to programme monitoring, reporting and communication
  • Support the Deputy Director of Education to coordinate effectively where multiple donor programmes are active

Improve learning conditions in schools

  • Oversee up to 20 School Support Officers (including coordinating and managing logistics, and facilitating monthly schedules)
  • Provide support on simple problem solving to school support officers, referring them to central team when necessary
  • Support the operational and human resources requirements of the school support officers, including reporting line, timesheet management, invoices, etc.
  • Support the Deputy Director of Education in the evaluation of School Support Officers’ performance

Support the District Education Office

  • Facilitate monthly district education office meetings and support the preparation of relevant materials (e.g. collect forms from supervisors, compile and interpret data, prepare slides for meeting)
  • Support the adoption of tools created centrally (e.g. form for supervisor to use when visiting schools, school-level action plans)
  • Support Deputy Director of Education, supervisors, and IT officer (compiling and analysing data) as required
  • Support the Deputy Director of Education to leverage the influence and support of paramount chiefs and other community level stakeholders to improve schools
  • Facilitate upwards reporting to central MEST
  • Organise the office (e.g. create an organogram, create an office calendar, help with filing and record keeping)


Note: This job description reflects the present requirements of the post.  As duties and responsibilities change and develop the job description will be reviewed and be subject to amendment in consultation with the post holder and line manager.


Candidate profile (requires all of the bullets below)


  • Working in gov sector reform programmes
  • Working at district and community levels
  • Ability to supervise and support field staff
  • Working independently with minimal supervision


  • University degree
  • HTC (secondary) OR higher level of education qualification
  • Ability to ride a motorbike OR willingness to learn to ride a motorbike


  • To helping the district office perform at their highest potential
  • To raising student learning outcomes
  • To your own continuous professional development as a coach


  • Continuous improvement
  • Independent and takes initiative
  • Willingness to bring about positive change
  • Collaborative and respectful working with fellow adults
  • Prepared to travel regularly to remote schools


Application requirements

How to submit

Application can be completed online at:

There is no need to submit anything in hard copy.

What to submit

Complete application online, no other supporting documents necessary.


Applications must be submitted online by 12 NOON Friday 28 April 2017

Selection process

Applicants must be available for interviews in Freetown on 6/7 May for first round, and 13/14 for final round


Please email


  ***Please indicate in your application that you saw this advertisement  on the Platform***