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An Assessment of Solid Waste Collection and Disposal in relation to Small and Medium Level Entrepreneurs Engagement and its Sustainability in Freetown. An assessment of existing youth groups, small and medium waste collection, transport and disposal enterprises for self-sustained solid waste management of Freetown


Sierra Leone is one of the poorest countries in the world, ranking at the bottom of Human Development Index (181/188 in 2015). This country has one of the highest child and maternal mortality rates in the world. Maternal mortality ratio for Sierra Leone stands at 1,100 deaths (compared to 8 in the UK for example) per 100,000 live births and 161 deaths for every 1,000 children under-5 born. Over 14% of all deaths in children under-5 are due to diarrhoea, making it the third leading cause of infant mortality in the country, which is partly due to the poor access and quality of WASH services. The country has experienced a series of cholera outbreaks in 2006 (CFR 3.8%), 2007 (CFR 3.79%), 2008 (CFR 1.6%) and 2012 (CFR 1.3%) which has mainly resulted from inadequate WASH services and practices. Access to improved sanitation is low with only 23% of the urban population having access to improved sanitation. The solid waste management is also at rudimentary stage that need significant improvement across the solid waste management chain.


Oxfam under the umbrella of Freetown WASH Consortium is currently implementing a DFID funded   WASH project in Western Area Rural and Western Area Urban Districts of Freetown. The project is being implemented under the Freetown WASH Consortium comprising of Oxfam, Save the Children, Concern World Wide and Action Against Hunger for the period of (2) years (6) months (1 October 2016 – 31 March 2019 (30 months) in Western Area Rural(WAR) and Western Area Urban (WAU) Districts of Freetown.


Currently, the Freetown WASH consortium is working with Freetown city council and Masada (a private sector working on solid waste management of Freetown) on operation clean Freetown (OCF) and DFID funded WASH program on the overall improvement of solid waste management in Freetown. Lessons captured from the past DFID funded WASH program phases, and the current good working relationships with relevant stakeholders is a good impetus to trigger improved solid waste management in Freetown.


Oxfam has understood that support of entrepreneurs and marketing recycling and products area key component to improve income generation of youth groups and reduce waste loads in the transfer and disposal areas. Hence, Oxfam is looking to providing a comprehensive analysis of contemporary waste usage practices and potential market and entrepreneurial opportunities that may arise from waste based products and services.

A.Purpose of the study

The purpose of the assessment is to improve the engagement of existing youth groups on profitable and social responsible solid waste collection, transport and disposal in Freetown. While reviewing other small and medium level enterprises, their interface with the households, FCC and MASADA. The assessment should also outline the opportunities and challenges, and should recommend practical remedies. The assessment findings should come up with a self-sustained business model with a clear cost recovery mechanisms analysing all the dimensions (tariff setting, collection, equipment management, etc.)


The study team requires a combination of multi-sectorial disciplines with high calibre and experiences in Urban Waste Management (Collection and Safe disposal, Entrepreneurship, Socio economic studies and researches). At the same time a legally registered consultancy firm (s) national or a combination of national and international experts is much preferable. The firm must have solid and proven experiences in similar urban solid waste management studies and designs in cities with similar contest with Freetown.

  1. a.The consultant’s team should include professionals with long term and proven experiences and qualifications (MA/MSC and above). The suggested composition of the team includes experts in Waste Management /Sanitary Engineering; Socio-economist/Business Developmentand or Public Health Specialist
  1. b.Additional Qualification and Experience
  • Experienced in solid waste management system planning and management;
  • A good understanding and experience of sanitation (particularly solid waste) business development low-income community.
  • Previous experience on solid waste management study in Sierra Leone is a plus.
  • Experience in urban sanitation, marketing researches and business model development,
  • Ability to critically review former researches and literatures and in-depth analysis;
  • Interested to work with partnership with the university,

Documents Required for Application:

As part of the application process, the prospective consultant is required to submit a technical proposal along with a draft work plan and a financial proposal for the proposed work. Additional information required includes:

  • Narrative/CV that outlines experience of the interested consultant or proposed team.
  • Samples of work (similar work done on solid waste management business model/marketing designproduced by consultant)

Please collect the ToR including the details in a flash key from:

Logistics Officer, Oxfam GB – 15 Sir Samuel Lewis Road, Aberdeen – Freetown, SL


Request through email at

Applications can be submitted via email at or submitted at the Oxfam GB office at 15 Sir Samuel Lewis Road, Aberdeen Road, Freetown SL.

The last day for the submission of the completed bidding documents will be 27th October 2017, by 16:00HRS. Any bid submitted after this date and time will automatically be disqualified. As Oxfam strives to ensure accountability and transparency in the bidding process, the followings have been carefully chosen to provide equal opportunities to all service providers/ vendors.


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