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HPA is an international NGO with its headquarters in London committed to working with communities, service providers, policy makers and donors in difficult environments in Africa, Asia and Latin America to secure access to primary health care for the poorest and most marginalised people affected by conflict, instability or discrimination.

HPA started working in Sierra Leone in 2005, and has primarily engaged in Bombali and Bo districts. The Sierra Leone programme started with a partnership between Health Poverty Action, the Ministry of Health and Sanitation and the Kamakwie Wesleyan Hospital (KWH). The KWH had been severely damaged during the war and was in dire need of renovation and repair. Other local partners are Health for All Coalition, Forum for African Women Educationist and Timap for Justice.  HPA also worked directly with communities in Northern Bombali, seeking community level health awareness and improved health seeking behaviour.

In Sierra Leone, our beneficiaries are primarily women and children. Our current work reaches 19,000 women and 11,500 children with reproductive, maternal and child health initiative, including youth friendly sexual and reproductive health information and services to tackle teenage pregnancy.252 Maternal Health Promoters (formerly TBAs), 28 Birth waiting homes, 252 Village Development Committee members, 12 Safe homes for SGBV victims and 400 youth School health club members in 20 school health members and 84 Community Health Workers in various communities. We are also helping victims of SGBV in Northern Bombali to access legal, psychosocial and medical response services.

HPA is looking for suitable candidate to conduct a field based research into FGC attitudes and practice amongst girls, parents, practitioners and health workers in five chiefdoms in the Bombali District. Interested organisations or persons should send in the following documents:

Technical proposal (maximum 2 pages)

  • Understanding and interpretation of the TOR
  • Methodology to be used in undertaking the assignment
  • Time and activity schedule

Organisational and personnel capacity statement (maximum of 2 pages excluding point d)

  • Relevant experience related to the assignment
  • Testimonial from organisations previously worked for
  • Curriculum Vitae of key personnel
  • Example(s) of similar work undertaken, particularlyexamples of previous research work done, reports written (will be kept confidential)

Financial proposal (maximum 1 page)

  • Please indication of fees for carrying out the assignment and any other costs involved.

Closing date for receipt of applications is COB 20th October 2017. For the complete TOR contact:

Ibrahim Turay

Address: 137cWilkinson Road, Freetown

Tel: 076 449769



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