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Clinical Advisor

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Wed, 25/04/2018 - 17:00

Clinical Advisor

Background description
JSI Research and Training Institute Inc. (JSI) is a public health management consulting and research organization dedicated to improving the health of individuals and communities throughout the world. Advancing Partners & Communities (Advancing Partners) is a United States Agency for International Development (USAID)-funded project implemented by JSI and partner FHI 360.
In Sierra Leone, Advancing Partners has received US Government “Ebola Response and Preparedness Funds” for a program entitled “Ebola Transmission Prevention and Survivor Services” (ETPSS). This program supports the strengthening of Ebola survivor services in order to: reduce or eliminate Ebola transmission from survivors to others, strengthen the capacity of health care providers who work with survivors for effective delivery of health care and psychosocial services, reduce stigma and other barriers, and support information systems related to survivors.
The country has recognized the importance of providing support and free healthcare to all EVD survivors and established the Comprehensive Program for Ebola Survivors (CPES) co-led by the Ministry of Health and Sanitation (MOHS) and the Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs through a Program Implementation Unit (PIU).
The ETPSS project has been supporting technically and operationally the CPES program since 2016. Since the inception of the CPES, the program has employed key human resources at the district level to ensure EVD Survivors had adequate access to the needed health care at peripheral, secondary and tertiary level. CPES is now entering a transition period, with care for EVD survivors being fully absorbed in the mainstream health services.
Building on the achievements gained during the CPES implementation, the MOHS has identified two roles as key to ensure ongoing health system strengthening efforts and long term sustainability of health service provision for EVD survivors and other FHCI priority populations; and is therefore committed to facilitate their transition into the MOHS HR structures. These positions are the Clinical Training Officers (CTOs) and the Referral Coordinators (RCs), both based one in each district, both expected to extend the focus to the overall Free Healthcare Initiative (FHCI) population.

Job description
In order to facilitate the JSI technical support to the MOHS, and in particular the one JSI will provide to the CPES program during the transition and the integration of the CTOs and RCs role within the national health system, JSI’s Advancing Partners project is looking to hire a Clinical Advisor for the period April -July 2018. The Clinical Advisor will be based in Freetown under the supervision of the JSI Health Advisor and is mainly expected to support the project technical assistance (TA) efforts to the CPES PIU. In coordination with the JSI Health Advisor, CPES PIU and other CPES implementing partners s/he will support the planning, design and delivery of training for RCs and CTOs; provide them with technical oversight at the district level; and work with relevant MOHS staff to support the integration of the RC and CTO roles into the national health HR structure.
Further, in coordination with the line manager, M&E team and Deputy Chief of Party (DCOP) the Clinical Advisor will contribute to the monitoring of the project implementation, reporting and tracking of project targets are in place and in line with standard USAID rules and regulations and JSI policy and procedures.
Essential Duties & Responsibilities
Work with JSI Health Advisor, CPES PIU and other CPES technical partners to develop, share, and execute quarterly clinical training schedule for RCs and CTOs
Provide technical support and supervision to the RCs and CTOs, with regular district visits. Support might be provided to district health structures as well based on needs and request
Support CTOs and RCs efforts in data collection and analysis to communicate on health service utilization and/or training needs with the support from the JSI and CPES PIU M&E Teams
Support PIU M&E Officer in data analysis which require clinical background to ensure accurate data analysis and data utilization for decision making
Support CPES PIU efforts towards the integration of RCs and CTOs into the district health structures
Support CPES PIU and CPES Technical partners to develop process of national referral pathways, guidelines and protocols as required
Act as Advancing Partners representative when requested vis-à-vis MOHS at national and district level as well as partners
Contribute to revise project work plans, reports, and development of technical briefs and success stories, as required from the JSI home office and/or USAID
Assist JSI Health Advisor on any clinical related activities supported by JSI ensuring the continue engagement by JSI on health system strengthening initiatives
Provide timely reports, including data and analysis, on project activities
Any other task as required by the project.

Public Health qualification: SRN, BSc Nursing, or CHO with at least 5 years’ clinical experience
Understanding of Sierra Leone health system organization, service delivery standards and professional development pathways
Experience in management, training and mentorship
Excellent organizational and time management skills and strong attention to detail and deadlines
Exemplary interpersonal communication skills required to interact effectively with senior leadership, partners, and clinicians on sensitive confidential issues
Experience working with EVD survivors beneficial
Excellent command of English ((verbal, written), other local languages an advantage
Ability to work independently with minimal supervision
Computer literacy with demonstrated use of word processing and database management (Word and Excel)
Previous experience in similar position preferred
Previous experience with NGOs or similar entities an advantage

Qualified candidates should submit soft copy of CV/resume and cover letter to JSI at Application deadline for submission is April 25, 2017


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