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Health & Nutrition Program Manager

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Fri, 22/06/2018 - 17:30

Action Against Hunger is an International Non-Governmental Organization that is charitable, impartial, non-political, independent and non-profit making. Action Against Hunger overall objective in these contexts is to fight against hunger and this is achieved through the implementation of nutrition, health, food security and water & sanitation (WASH) projects. Action Against Hunger is seeking motivated, dynamic and experienced candidates for the following positions:


Health & Nutrition Program Manager


Duration of Contract: 12 Months                                                     


END OF CONTRACT DATE: 30th June 2019                                

STARTING DATE: 1st July 2018

PROBATION PERIOD: Three (3) Months                                    

SUPERVISED BY: Field Coordinator




To establish and manage a nutrition and health programme in Moyamba District.


Objective 1:  Establish and supervise activities in the framework of nutritional projects


  • Management of the project cycle in nutrition and health
  • Meeting the objectives of Action Against Hunger (AAH) in the centres dealing with malnutrition
  • The quality of the programme for which he/she is responsible
  • Working with other sectors to analyse needs in the area
  • Formulating a project proposal with other areas of technical expertise with a view to developing shared and integrated approaches
  • Guaranteeing the deployment of basic medical and nutritional packages, including those related to HIV, tuberculosis, malaria and health care practice
  • Promoting and supervising activities related to health care practice and organise mother-child play activities and discussion groups
  • Promoting and supervising high quality care for clients of the centre
  • Putting in place and monitoring the system of data collection concerning the treatment of malnutrition as a basis for the evaluation and furtherance of the programme
  • Preparing requisitions, monitoring and controlling consumption 
  • Participating in the preparation and execution of nutritional investigations (provide information to those conducting the study : local geographical, economic, social and anthropological data)
  • Creating and developing a network for the detection and recording of clients, notably by the use of community mobilisation techniques
  • In keeping with the policy of AAH as a learning organisation, contributing to building on good practice, experience, and assessments

Objective 2 : Organise staff development programmes for the Action Against Hunger teams

Activities :

  • Evaluation of the skill level and technical competence of the Action Against Hunger teams
  • Identification of training needs
  • Skills development for Action Against Hunger colleagues in his/her programme
  • Ensuring the quality and pertinence of training programmes established for the Action Against Hunger teams
  • Taking part in the recruitment of staff in consultation with the administrator or HR Head of Department of the mission
  • Identifying the teams' training needs on the basis of assessments and in situ observation
  • Organising and carrying out training sessions for his/her teams taking into consideration their profiles and the cultural context 
  • Arranging joint training sessions for centre staff covering :
  • Protocols and  the medical and nutritional service offered,,
  • Monitoring and Reporting indicateurs
  • Evaluation of the needs revealed by  enquiries undertaken   (nutritional investigations, rapid assessment, screening)
  • Care practices and the reception of clients and those accompanying them
  • Integrating nutrition into the basic health care package

Objective 3: Training and managing the programme team

  • Organising and leading meetings with the team and individual staff members, on both a regular and ad hoc basis
  • Creating and supervising action plans for individual team members
  • Managing overall planning and the division and coordination of work in collaboration with his/her deputy
  • Establishing a programme of staff assessment interviews and organising follow up in collaboration with Human Resources
  • Lending support to teams in the organisation and coordination of their work
  • Resolving problems arising in the teams with the support of team managers and, when necessary, in consultation with mission Human Resources

Objective 4: Contribute to the identification of needs and the definition and formulation of Nut projects

  • Conducting detailed assessments and evaluations for design of further programming on nutrition issues. The reports must be written and transmitted to the Nutrition Head of Department.
  • Participating to the development of proposals, and more specifically on technical aspects.
  • Identifying humanitarian needs in the field of Nutrition  and in his/her area of activity, this to include the submission of reports pertaining to such matters including, where appropriate, target populations and local actors in the identification of needs and ways of the mission.

Objective 5: Develop and direct operations

  • Creating and promoting an operational strategy adapted to the local situation
  • Contributing to the preparation of new projects (text and budgetary content) together with his/her coordinating group
  • Presenting the programme to partners (the authorities, funding agencies etc)
  • Monitoring the budget and targets achieved with reference to the project submission, and making any necessary adjustments in consultation with the finance teams
  • Sharing information on a regular basis with those responsible for psycho-social programmes, food safety intervention and WASH in order to promote the development of an integrated approach

Objective 6: Represent Action Against Hunger and develop local partnerships

  • Representing nutritional issues at the level of the programme and the geographical area of intervention in regional coordination meetings, meetings with the authorities and visits by funding bodies and partners
  • Identifying partners and other agencies in the area
  • Developing a framework for communication with local representatives (regular meetings, identification of key local actors and development of collaboration with them) in order to facilitate harmonious and productive relations
  • Adhering to the terms of agreements signed off with partners working in the same field and referring to them regularly to ensure that collaboration follows the lines intended


Qualification and Experience:

  • Degree/Diploma in nutrition, Medicine or  CHO
    • 4-5 Years’ experience in data collection and management


    Required skills:

    • Good relations with other people
    • Good capacity to work in a team,
    • Capacity to manage priorities, 
    • Capacity to share knowledge and train colleagues


    Applicants should submit their application letters with two referees, CV and copies of professional certificates to:

    Human Resources Manager 

    Action Contre la Faim    

    10 Sall Drive, Cockle bay        

    Off Aberdeen Road 



    Administrator East Base

    Action Contre la Faim       

    10 New Diversion, Old railway line         

    Ojuku Junction, Lower Allen Town



    Admin Base

    Action Contre la Faim

    Sembehun road,



    Admin-Log, Kambia Bas                                                                                                                                                         

    62 Hospital Road, Kambia


    Or by Email:




    Deadline for applications: 22nd June 2018.. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted by Action Contre la Faim for a written test and interview and please mark position applied for at the top right hand of envelope.


    ***Please indicate in your application that you saw this advertisement on the Platform***