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Output 1 Lead Gender and Inclusion

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International Development Services

LEH WI LAN: Improving the quality of secondary education in Sierra Leone


Job Description


Output 1 Lead – Gender and Disability Inclusion in Secondary Schools


Division: International Education Division

Reporting: to Team Leader – Leh Wi Lan

Salary / Grade: TBD

Location: Freetown, Sierra Leone with frequent in-country travel


Job Profile

Mott MacDonald Limited is managing delivery of the Sierra Leone Secondary Education Improvement Programme (SSEIP), also called Leh Wi Lan (Krio for “Let’s Learn”), on behalf of the UK Department for International Development (DFID). SSEIP is a 5-year (2016/17 to 2020/21) programme which seeks to support the Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education (MBSSE) to improve learning outcomes for boys and girls at secondary level and to increase the enrolment, retention and wellbeing of girls and children with disabilities in school. The programme works with all government and government-assisted Senior Secondary Schools in Sierra Leone. As Managing Agent, Mott MacDonald oversees delivery of the following 5 outputs:

  • Output 1: Support for girls and children with disabilities to be in secondary school and safe
  • Output 2: Improve learning conditions in schools
  • Output 3: Strengthen MBSSE capacity to oversee service delivery
  • Output 4: Strengthen District capacity to hold schools & teachers to account
  • Output 5: Improve understanding through monitoring and research


Between 2016 and 2018 the Leh Wi Lan (LWL) programme, delivered by Mott MacDonald, focused on Output 2 through 5, and the Girls Access to Education (GATE) programme, delivered by UNICEF, focused on Output 1. In July 2018 DFID streamlined the overall approach and Output 1 moved into the broader framework of LWL, to be delivered by Mott MacDonald. We now seek a national Output 1 Lead to sit within the Technical Team and be responsible for leading the design and delivery of all programme activity under Output 1. The Output 1 Lead will work closely with the Gender and Disability Inclusion Lead and other Output Leads to ensure coordinated and streamlined delivery as one programme team under the overall direction of the Team Leader. The role will be based in Mott MacDonald Freetown Project Office with inputs within Districts as required.


Job description

Phase 1, to December 2018:

  • Support development and implementation of key interventions for Output 1 (e.g., Girls and Boys Clubs, School Safety Guides, gender responsive pedagogy, Social Behaviour Change Communications, Sexual Reproductive Health Education)
  • Support creation of materials and trainings for key interventions (oversee creation and delivery and work with technical advisers as needed)
  • Support recruitment, induction, and training of 14 District Inclusion Officers
  • Support development of workplan, budget and monitoring for Output 1

Ongoing operations, January 2019 to July 2021 (subject to annual renewal of contract)

  • Provide technical direction on gender and disability inclusion matters within Output 1, across all Outputs of LWL and with relevant partners
  • Lead implementation of key interventions for Output 1
  • Regular management of budgets, workplans and operations in Output 1
  • Timely and appropriate reporting to DFID and partners through the Team Leader, and engaging regularly with other key stakeholders
  • Effectively managed 14 District Inclusion Officers
  • Continuous improvement of programme in response to feedback, adjusting teacher/principal support tools and District Inclusion Officer training, based on data collected
  • Ensure data is being tracked effectively to inform continuous improvement of programme design and execution
  • Contribute to monitoring of improvements for girls and children with disabilities and contribute to annual learning assessment surveys to ensure that design and outcomes are inclusive. International Development Services LEH WI LAN: Improving the quality of secondary education in Sierra Leone

Transition, final year of programme 2020 to 2021 (subject to annual renewal of contract)

  • Successful transfer or wind down of programme in 2021, if possible with people and programme absorbed into existing government structures, or at least tools, processes and routines absorbed into schools and district education office practices in a way that is expected to endure, so teaching and learning have improved permanently in these schools.

These deliverables are flexible to respond to changes in the scope and needs of the wider programme.


Candidate Specification


  • Technical knowledge on inclusive education, children with disabilities, girls’ education, school improvement
  • Experience of planning, designing, and running a workstream independently, ideally within a development programme context
  • Sensitivity to working in a complex cultural and resource-constrained environment, whilst upholding the highest standards of business ethics and personal conduct in line with the company’s values, directives and procedures
  • Fluent use of core computer skills, including Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Ability to create and maintain full programme budgets, down to monthly cash flow level
  • Ability to create synthesised reports, both formal written documents in Word and PowerPoint presentations with exhibits
  • Ability to create and maintain detailed work plans, down to hourly logistics as needed (e.g., training workshops, team travel to districts)
  • Ability to frame strategy for overall initiative design, and follow through to execution
  • Strong communication skills to communicate clearly and succinctly both in written form (e.g., email updates) and verbally (e.g., presenting in stakeholder meetings, remote phone management of learning coaches and updates with district education offices)
  • Ability to work effectively as part of a team to coordinate across the wider programme and with other development partners, building collaborative relationships and coaching team members as needed
  • Experience of working within or alongside Government officials at national and local levels
  • Ability to prioritise and work under pressure
  • Good organizational skills, project planning and management
  • Autonomous professional practitioner with the ability to exercise judgement


  • Higher (postgraduate) degree in a relevant area desirable
  • Experience managing consultants and leading a small team of education professionals
  • At least 3 years' practical experience overseeing delivery of front line programmes (ideally but not necessarily education) in Sierra Leone, across districts
  • Some education specific experience, either as a teacher, through relevant degree studies, or through work with NGO or government run programmes


  • English (professional proficiency)
  • Krio (fluent spoken)


Interested applicants should click on this link to access more information and to apply: 


Closing date for applications is 12th October 2018


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