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Safeguarding Consultant

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Fri, 19/04/2019 - 17:30

TERMS OF REFERENCE:  Safeguarding Consultant




AdvocAid works with girls and women caught up in Sierra Leone’s often unjust legal system. We are the only organisation in West Africa providing holistic access to justice via free legal representationeducation empowermentdetainee support and a moving forward programme, ensuring detainees leave as stronger women with brighter prospects.


Poverty and imprisonment frequently go hand-in-hand, both as the reason for women’s offences and because women can rarely afford legal services, fines or bail. Alongside this, poor education means too many women don’t know or understand their legal rights, resulting in admission to crimes they did not commit and no knowledge of their rights when arrested.


AdvocAid was founded in 2006 and has celebrated its 10 year anniversary in 2016. Today, we work in several towns across Sierra Leone to ensure these women and their children receive fair legal representation, are educated on their legal rights and offered rehabilitation support upon release. As well as providing these short-term interventions, we deliver advocacy and law reform projects focused on wider issues impacting women in the justice system, ensuring we are changing women’s future prospects in the long term.




AdvocAid is seeking a Safeguarding Consultant to conduct a review of our current safeguarding policies and procedures. Informed by this review, the Safeguarding Consultant will then provide recommendations on how these policies and procedures can be strengthened.


We are looking for a consultant with relevant previous experience and an understanding of the protection risks to women and girls in conflict with the law. Ideally, the consultant will have previously worked with local civil society organisations or in other low-resource settings.


Our aim is to ensure that AdvocAid is doing all that is possible to prevent harm to the women and girls we work with, as well as our staff, volunteers and partners, and that this is driven by a clear, comprehensive safeguarding policy and underpinned by practical procedures.




The Safeguarding Consultant is expected to:

  • Develop and then implement a plan for the safeguarding review that includes a desk-based document review and interviews with a cross-section of staff. This may also include observation of our work at police stations, courts and correctional centres (subject to relevant permissions). This document review will include AdvocAid’s safeguarding policy as well as other HR policies and related documents;
  • Develop a tailored safeguarding risk register for AdvocAid, with recommendations for mitigation and management of each risk;
  • Develop procedures that AdvocAid needs in place to achieve this risk mitigation and management. This include procedures relating to recruitment, induction and training, whistle-blowing, and disciplinary action;
  • Research and draft a revised written Safeguarding Policy. This should draw on international standards and best practice within the sector. The Policy should apply to conduct of all individuals associated with the organisation, from Board members and staff members, to contractors, interns and volunteers;
  • Plan a training session on the Safeguarding Policy and deliver this in conjunction with AdvocAid senior management for all staff, contractors, interns and volunteers.




  • Previous experience developing safeguarding policies and procedures, in accordance with international standards and best practice;
  • Previous experience working with civil society organisations or grass-roots organisations;
  • Good understanding of safeguarding risks in Sierra Leone, particularly within the criminal justice system;
  • Experience working with vulnerable women and girls would be an advantage;
  • Ability to work with the highest levels of sensitivity and professionalism;
  • Excellent verbal and written skills in English;
  • A commitment to AdvocAid’s values.




To apply for this consultancy, please email a CV and a letter describing your technical and financial proposal for this Terms of Reference to


The proposal should outline your relevant skills and experience, your understanding of protection risks that may be relevant to AdvocAid, a suggested timeline with number of days required to complete this ToR, and your daily rate.


The deadline for applications is midnight on Monday April 22, 2019. Selected applicants will be contacted in the following two weeks for interview.


The consultant would be expected to commence work in May.


This is an EXCLUSIVE job advert, reposting it on other job boards, on online or offline communication channels without the written consent of is strictly forbidden and may result in legal action!