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Thu, 18/04/2019 - 17:30

Regional AREA ADMINISTRATOR X2 (South East North East)




The key role of the Area Administrator is to provide day to day support to the implementation of the regional office in Bo or Makeni respectively by ensuring that the systems (logistics, administration, HR and finance) are functioning in accordance to with needs of the programme.




  • Check and submit expenses claims for staff working away from the office in line with SLaDA policies
  • Interface with Sales and Field staff by receiving and distribution of all notices of schedule; maintain general order number log; provide flow of delivery dates; coordinate delivery of materials to job site with manpower availability; make available any related information to both Sales activities and Field operation
  • Compile both financial and program reports for monthly submission to Head office.
  • Organise travel and accommodation for staff working on sites outside the field office
  • Produce weekly absence reports and ensure all are logged in the HR system
  • Work in accordance with the requirements of all SLaDA Policy
  • Assist with recruitment administration in the field office
  • Organize, maintain and assume custodial responsibility for files, record systems and other data.
  • Prepare and distribute all income and expenditure on project activities and condom sales for monthly submission to the finance manager and
  • With support from the National Director, to ensure that the Field Office programme and office implements and maintains standard SLaDA systems and best practice for logistics, administration, finance and HR functions;
  • To liaise with head office to ensure efficient and timely systems support and collaboration necessary to implement the programme
  • Manage transport and administration expenditure and budgets
  • Oversee finance function to ensure that all spending is in line with SLaDA financial procedures and Donor requirements
  • In collaboration with BCC Officer, ensure that cash forecast and cash request is submitted on time to ensure timely transfer of funds.
  • Oversee the fleet management function to ensure transport procedures are followed in relation to transport reports, movement planning and vehicle servicing
  • Oversee the management of the Logistics function to ensure SLaDA’s assets are correctly managed; adherence to donations-in-kind paperwork procedure; efficient management of SLaDA warehouses and stores
  • Liaise with CARE, NAS, DHMT, UN agencies and  co-leaders or other relevant government departments and authorities
  • Participate in interagency logistics meetings as applicable and provide timely reports to National Director



  • Required: Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, Marketing or Logistics
  • Two years’ experience, preferably in Business Administration with some technical on the job experience preferred.
  • Minimum of 3 years’ experience in office support position; 5+ years preferred. Computer proficiency including Microsoft Word and Excel, database entry, payroll and accounts payable processing required



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