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REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL - Community engagement to increase family planning uptake

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Summary of deadlines

Release of Request for Proposal(RFP):

9 October 2019

Proposals Due/Last date to submit proposal:

  1. October, 2019



CHAI is a global health organization committed to strengthening integrated health systems in the developing world and has since 2007. CHAI’s solution-oriented approach focuses on improving market dynamics for medicines and diagnostics; lowering prices for treatment and helping governments build the capacity required for high-quality care and treatment programs.


CHAI is pleased to invite interested and capable organisations working locally to submit proposals for the implementation of a community engagement intervention in 9 chiefdoms (3 chiefdoms in Moyamba district, 3 chiefdoms in Pujehun district and 3 chiefdoms in Kambia district). The selected organisation will work in close collaboration with the MOHS, respective DHMTs and CHAI to engage at least: (19,800) female adolescent (15-19) in/out school, (9000) adolescent mothers, (9000) male adolescents (15-19) in school/out of school, (990) influential parents, (900) traditional and religious leaders, (150) health service providers and (450) community Health workers.



Partner will identify, map and engage primary audience and key influencers per chiefdom. Partner will compile and deliver a database of influencers in the areas they are responsible for CHAI’s implementation. The database will include contact details, role, and other relevant information. 


Primary audience: Female adolescents (15-19) in school: (900) through school clubs in 9 hub communities, (9000) through SHR school outreach in all secondary school in focus communities.


Primary audience: Female adolescents (15-19) out school: (900) through meetings in community spaces in 9 hub communities, (9000) through community outreach events and entertainment events.  


Primary audience: Adolescent mothers (15-19) out of school: (9000) through community health workers and health workers and community outreach and entertainment event in all communities.


Secondary audience: Adolescent boys (15-19) in school – out school (13500)through school outreach in secondary schools and community outreach events.


Key influencer: Influential parents. (990)throughinfluential parents group in community space and through community board member (CMB) meetings.


Key influencer: Traditional and religious leaders: (900) through sensitisation meetings, inter-religious counsel and Community Board Member (CBM) meetings.


Key influencer: Health Service Providers and Community Health Workers: (150) Health service providers and (450) Community health workers through facility meetings


All key Influencers will be provided with key FP information and will be engaged to increase demand for FP by disseminating key messages on FP and PPFP services available to adolescent girls in their communities



The organization will provide CHAI with a specified set of deliverables:


  • To increase knowledge of the benefits of all modern contraceptive methods amongst target beneficiaries in 9 chiefdoms (3 in Moyamba, 3 Pujehun, 3 Kambia).


  • To increase the demand and uptake of long-acting reversible contraceptive amongst adolescent girls (15-19) in 9 chiefdoms (3 in Moyamba, 3 Pujehun, 3 Kambia).



Targets for Implants and IUDs

Expected increase in service delivery of implants and IUDs in Moyamba (Chiefdoms Kori, Fakunya and Bumpeh):

  • Current # of implants  2019 (Kori, Fakunya and Bumpeh): 1,250

  • Expected # of implants 2020 (Kori, Fakunya and Bumpeh): 2500

  • Current average # implants per month / clinic 2019: 4

  • Expected average # implants per month / clinic 2020: 8 

  • Current # of IUDs 2019 0

  • Expected # of IUDs 2020: 120

  • Current average # IUDs per month / clinic 2019: 0

  • Expected average # IUDs per month / clinic 2020: 2 

Expected increase in service delivery of implants and IUDs in Pujehun (Chiefdoms to be determined):

  • Current # of implants 2019: 7604

  • Expected # of implants 2020: 9840

  • Current average # implants per month / clinic 2019: 7.7

  • Expected average # implants per month / clinic 2020: 10 

  • Current # of IUDs 2019 24

  • Expected # of IUDs 2020: 360

  • Current average # IUDs per month / clinic 2019: 1.6

  • Expected average # IUDs per month / clinic 2020: 2 

Expected increase in service delivery of implants and IUDs in Kambia (Chiefdoms to be determined):

  • Current # of implants 2019: 7022

  • Expected # of implants 2020: 8760

  • Current average # implants per month / clinic 2019: 8

  • Expected average # implants per month / clinic 2020: 10

  • Current # of IUDs 2019 24

  • Expected # of IUDs 2020: 336

  • Current average # IUDs per month / clinic 2019: 1.7

  • Expected average # IUDs per month / clinic 2020: 2 


  • To ensure influential parents and traditional leaders cascade positive messages about the importance of family as a factor to reduce adolescent maternal mortality rates in selected communities. 


  • To ensure health workers and community health workers engage adolescent girls with effective messages about family planning and increase demand for family planning and post-partum family planning in selected communities. 


  • Comprehensive database and mapping summary of religious leaders/traditional leaders, secondary schools and principals, influential parents, health service providers and community health workers. This should include names and contact telephone numbers and other key information obtained.


  • Successful facilitation of FP/PPFP trainings and orientation sessions to targeted numbers of key community Influencers and community mobilisers. 


  • Delivery of high-quality reports documenting progress and the timely submission of financial and expenditure reports according to CHAI reporting standards. 

  • Maintenance of a proactive, collaborative, and professional relationship with CHAI program staff and other key stakeholders.


  • A narrative final report (not longer than 20 pages) of the overall exercise with highlights of activities, lessons learnt, challenges and suggested recommendations.



Expected date of completion

Partner on-boarding meeting with CHAI and workshop on activity plan,  Partner present project implementation plan.

October 28, 2019

Development of detailed work plan highlighting key activities for the different Key influencers  

October 28, 2019


November 29, 2019

Training staff and community mobilisers

December 13, 2019

Identification of key audiences and influencers 

January 31, 2020

Inception meetings in all target communities

January 31, 2020


November 31, 2020

Narrative and mid-year financial report submission

June 30, 2020

Narrative and final financial report submission

November  22, 2020


Submitted RFPs will be reviewed and evaluated by CHAI in accordance with the capacity to deliver the scope of work (section 2) and the evaluation criteria in section 6 below. 



CHAI requests interested organizations to submit detailed proposals that should include the following:


Section 1: Partner Credentials (not more than 2 pages).


  • Describe in general the organization, its core competencies, previous relevant experience, and organizational structure.


Section 2: Understanding of the program (not more than 3 pages)

  • Describe your understanding of the project, the public-health problem it seeks to address, and its major objectives.

  • Identify and evaluate key contextual considerations that are likely to influence project success or failure, propose risk-mitigation strategies, and identify any areas of strategic approach that may require adaptation or re-direction.


Section 3:  Operational approach and organizational capacity (3 pages)

  • Taking into account the objectives outlined in Section 5: Scope of Work above, describe how the project will be approached, the human and other resources to be deployed, and any other critical considerations to be taken during project implementation.

  • Submitting organizations should clearly describe their organizational capacity with regard to the objectives outlined in Section 5: Scope of Work above and should clearly demonstrate—citing specific examples of previous work—their ability to carry out projects of this nature.


Section 4: Financial proposal (detailed budget breakdown in excel)

  • Provide a proposed budget for this activity based on your proposed operational approach, including all the overhead and service charges


Proposals will be evaluated against the following criteria:

Organizational capacity to execute the project (i.e. background, project management expertise, organizational structure, human capacity)


Demonstrated understanding of the overall strategic approach and operating context


Operational approach to execution and demonstrated relevant experience


Suitability of proposed budget 





Interested organisations can send their proposal for one district (3 chiefdoms) or all three districts (9 chiefdoms) based on their capabilities to and copying and 



Please submit your Proposal by 17.00 Hours WAT (5pm) October 23rd, 2019



All enquiries relating to this RFP should be submitted to Carlos Velazquez via email: or mobile +232 79 14 02 77 between 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday


This is an EXCLUSIVE job advert, reposting it on other job boards, on online or offline communication channels without the written consent of is strictly forbidden and may result in legal action!

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